The Ultimate VFFs

Born and raised in Honolulu, Dr. Janis Shinkawa and Dr. Jill Muraoka first met in 1996 while volunteering at the Hawaiian Humane Society.  Fate threw them together again when they became lab partners while taking vet school prerequisites at the University of Hawaii. Eventually the duo went their separate ways when Dr. Jill was accepted at UC Davis and Dr. Janis at Colorado State.  However, after years of working as veterinary associates, they opened the Ohana Pet Hospital in Ventura, California in 2012.

It Works

Dr. Jan:  We created Ohana Pet Hospital so that we could run our business the way we envisioned—which is to serve the needs of our patients and our community.  Being friends first and business owners second is what empowers us to come up with creative solutions to meet challenging demands of veterinary practice.

It Matters

Dr. Jill:  Veterinary medicine is often an emotionally charged, as well as a mentally and physically challenging, profession. Despite these challenges, our staff keeps the focus on doing what’s right for our clients. Our team is amazingly incredible and we make sure to let them know that every single day. +