Yes. You read that right. Fashion in the Veterinary field exists! When you find yourself landing that management position that you’ve always dreamed of; reality hits. NO MORE SCRUBS.

The days of rolling out of bed and throwing on a comfy pair of scrubs are over. While this new job opportunity is exciting, it may be hard to find the motivation each morning to wake up and be trendy just to enter a building full of slobber, anal glands and endless amounts of dog hair. It’s easier to reach for the same three outfits you’ve recycled countless times because you know they don’t look that bad.

1 Try the LAYERED Look

Outfits always look better layered. That shirt you haven’t worn in three years because you don’t like the way it’s cut? Throw a sweater over it with an oversized scarf. You don’t need to break the bank to revamp your style—use what you have at home!

2 Dress  It up with HEELS

Don’t panic! Heels come in all shapes and sizes. Even the smallest heel can dress up an outfit and make you look more professional. But remember, we are in the veterinary industry so no open-toed shoes!

3 BLAZE your Own Style

If there is one thing that says “I’m the boss”, it’s a blazer. Blazers can be dressed up or worn casually, but either way they make a statement. Paired with black pants, heels and a white collared shirt, you can easily head over to your local Marshalls and create a new outfit for under $50. +